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What is One-self

As a graphic designer, I strive to generate the most unique and thought-provoking designs. When I see marketing designs in my daily routine, I am inspired to create my own version of them with a hidden, deeper message. My art needs to have more than just the visual aspect for me to be satisfied with it. From logos to entire marketing campaigns, I create depth by using subtle clues to allude to the deeper message I communicate to my viewers.

In my senior exhibition, I created a graphic design campaign to inform the public on how major corporations can influence their consumers through branding and marketing. I showed this by creating a mock company called One-Self, which is a company that offers to make a clone of yourself. My graphic design campaign consisted of a website and posters that had typical brand manipulation aspects. As a conclusion to my show, I created a manual on how to avoid brand manipulation in a real-life setting. With combining these two works, I hope to encourage my viewers to pay attention to their consumer habits in my series One-Self.

One-Self is my way of expressing my interpretation of how graphic design is used to influence its consumer. My concept is achieved by creating an intriguing company concept and informative manual. With my subliminal techniques, I hope by my exhibit empowers the viewer to look at marketing and branding with a more conscientious mindset.

How does marketing influence?

Check out my manual on how to avoid marketing manipulation in your own life!